Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweater Day March 20

Mister Rogers would have been 80 on Thursday, March 20, and the folks he worked with at Family Communications have announced Won't You Be My Neighbor Days from the 15th to the 20th, and are asking everyone to wear their favorite sweater on that Thursday, in honor of dear Fred. Then take a picture or a video and send it in to them. Cool!

Unrelated: Two actors from "God Hates the Irish," the show I stage-managed in 2005 and where I got my Equity card, are opening on Broadway in April in the Odets play, The Country Girl, directed by Mike Nichols. "Irish" starred, among others, Remy Auberjonois and Anna Camp. I guess I'm behind the times--Remy was on Broadway last year already in a lead role in "Frost/Nixon." He was in the workshop of the Katharsis production of "The Polish Play" in winter of 2006. He's really talented, and so is Anna, who says she wants to be fearless on stage, and she sure is.

And Carmen Abrazado, who was the production stage manager for Irish and hired me, giving me my union card, is now on The Lion King. That's a nice gig!

Way cool.

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