Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lily and Chance

A little dark, I know. This cat is a love. She's cuddly and squishy and still young enough (2) to be playful and kittenish. She has a tiny little squeaky meow (what a change from my Siamese, the late Felicia, who, typical of the breed, sounded like a baby crying) but she makes her needs known. She discovered the gerbils last night during dinner (ours; she didn't get them, although she sure did try) and we finally had to relocate them to a shelf under the living room window. It fits perfectly except we have to put a couple of logs on top just in case. Now we just have to remember to feed the damn things. Our friends who have this set-up call it Kitty TV . . .

Lily took Chance to bed with her on Sunday night and was still awake, an hour after turning off her lights. She said the purring was keeping her up and she wasn't used to someone else on her bed. Wicked cute. Last night she couldn't sleep and crawled into bed with us around midnight, so all four of us were there for a couple of hours. Too small!

She's really a sweet, sweet cat. We did good.

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  1. So glad you took a Chance! I've do believe in being a bit risky. Poor old gebils are getting the short end though, no more view. love,


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