Sunday, January 11, 2009


FaceBook is incredibly addictive in a fun way. Here's my page, friend me. But also in a bad way. It's fun to goof on my status, see what gets a response and what sinks to the bottom. I like putting in my book reviews, and of course, reconnecting with old friends. I love to see what everyone else is writing too.

But Dave says it's so easy to use it could mean the end of blogs, and that I really don't want to see. FaceBook as a substitute for a blog entry seems just more of this steady progression of more and more superficiality in our society, and a lack of intimacy. Not that a blog entry is so deep, and maybe blogs are a sign of the end of civilization because no one writes books any more. You don't have to get into a topic with any depth.

I guess my feeling is this: If you don't have a FaceBook page, get on the bus. Get an account and mess around with it. It's just taken off, for some reason, in the last six months or s, with people my age and older flocking to it like crazy all of a sudden. People I never thought I'd see there now have accounts and are updating their status every two minutes. It's way better than myspace, I hear. It's fun, it's easy, and it's really weird the way you reconnect with people you haven't heard from or of in 30, 40 years. I recommend it.

And, note to self: Yes, it's fun, but don't stop reading and writing blogs, or books for that matter. Don't think it's a substitute for real communication and friendship. Don't be fooled by the instant intimacy.


  1. I finally articulated to a friend why I'm not on Facebook: I have this hard-to-shake feeling that I should respect it as my kids' thing. You know how you kind of felt icky when your folks attempted to dance to rock 'n roll? I'm also genuinely worried that it will become a huge sinkhole in to which all my time will escape. Mostly, though, I just want to save my "voice," as it were, for my blog. So, things may change as more and more friends go on it, but for now, I'm holding out! k

  2. Funny, FB is a sinkhole, but I love finding my voice there too. I want to make sure I still blog, just because it's fun and not everyone is on FB. And also because it's a longer format and it's real writing, or it can be. Also, I figure I don't have to friend my kid.


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