Monday, May 18, 2009

To the Editor: Barak Obama's graduation address vs. Barbara Bush's

To the Editor:

I am heartened to see in 2009 the occasion of Obama's invitation to address the Notre Dame graduation is being used as a way to discuss the many different opinions on abortion in this country. No one seems to be spending much time talking about how disrespectful the objectors are being to the president of the United States.

Too bad the 150 seniors at Wellesley College who asked for a second graduation speaker in addition to Barbara Bush, were not afforded the same courtesy in 1990. Think of the wonderful exploration of the meaning of feminism we could have had, the dialogue about the value of staying home with children or going into the workforce, the importance of choice, the affect economics has on such decisions. Too bad much of the country felt it necessary to focus on the manners of those questioning, sincere college seniors. Maybe we have made some progress in the last two decades.

sincerely & etc.

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