Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yoga update

So after a couple of months of doing this lukewarm yoga thang three or four times a week, I definitely notice a difference. I have hit that wonderful, glorious point where it hurts not to exercise. If I don't go to yoga, I feel it in my back and legs, and my sore left shoulder is much stiffer. But if I go to yoga, no matter how stiff I am going in, I feel better looser and stronger and lighter. That's progress. As an old lady of 48 I am still stiff at night, but I know better how to fix that now.

I don't want to go. But at night I lay out my yoga clothes (they get soaking wet each class so I have to wash them every day) and in the morning, I wake up, put on my yoga clothes, get Lily to the bus, and just go to yoga. I often find myself on the mat doing a ragdoll or a downdog wondering, how did I get here? When did I get here?

The first 15 minutes are awful, usually; I'm stiff, weak, tired, I can't stay in the poses, my brain is really crazy, my hamstrings ache, and I want it to be over. We do about 45 minutes standing and 45 minutes lying down. That also includes some inversion time. It's a pretty typical routine; rarely are there surprises in the order of poses, and it's easier for my mind to wander now because I don't have to pay as strict attention. But it still surprises me when we come to back bends and start the prone/supine positions. I think, wait, we're halfway through? And often, like today, all of a sudden it's 90 minutes later and I am finishing up shivasana, corpse pose, and I'm thinking, how did I get here?

The other day I was late and missed class, so I went for a bike ride instead. I couldn't believe how much easier it was! I am stronger and more flexible and I have more lung capacity. Last Friday I knew I couldn't go but I couldn't imagine not doing yoga that day so I took out my mat and did a half hour on my own. It felt nice. But then we were away for the weekend and I didn't get any exercise, and then on Monday Lily was sick for the day. And oh, did I pay on Tuesday morning!

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