Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chance updates

This cat is pretty hilarious. First of all, she loves to bite. It's play to her but it gets a bit strong and I have to dump her on the floor. She loves to attack my feet through the stairs as I'm walking up to my room. She loves to sit in the bathroom sink, especially if you've just run water in it. Go figure. She talks to me like she understands, and I know she does.

As I head up to bed I say, c'mon Chance, come to bed. C'mon now. C'mon, kitty! Usually she's zoned out in front of the Gerbil TV. She gives a little whine, a longing, maybe, but she's too attached to her ever-constant attempts to get at them. Dave came home one day and she'd gotten the two logs off the top of the cage and had worked the bungy chords to the edge, close to coming off. Just the latches on either side remained. So he did some engineering magic that involved propping her up to the top of the shelf she's inside and putting another piece of wood in front (you gotta see it). At any rate, they're oblivious, they've never been hunted, what do they know?

Do you wish you had thumbs? Dave just asked her, as she was playing with a magnet. She loves to climb on the tables and counters, but only does this at night so she won't get caught. She's still got that weepy eye, which may have nothing to do with the puncture she got as a kitten but in fact may be kitty herpes. She can open almost every door in the place. And she very thoughtfully
doesn't wake me on Sunday mornings, the one morning I don't get up at 6am. She lets me sleep in.

I don't know how I lived so long without a cat. When she curls up in my lap as I read or watch TV, it's heaven. I love her sleeping in between my legs at the end of our bed. One night I slept in Lily's bed and she slept under my arm near my head. (Dave won't let her near our heads or under the sheets.) And I remember all the cats I ever had, and that's always great. Don't be jealous, Felicia!

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